Inventum – we operate locally, we train globally!

Inventum is a creative training and consulting company that responds to the needs of individual local labor markets. We carry out soft, language, computer and vocational training completed with an exam and obtaining qualifications in accordance with the European Qualifications Framework. Inventum has a rich offer both in the field of trainings preparing to perform professions, as well as courses that allow you to update your competences. He conducts trainings for business and as part of projects co-financed by the EU, addressed to both the unemployed and working people. The company also specializes in career and business consulting.

Education and Work:

The main goal of Inventum is to respond to the needs of employers. The training ends with an exam confirming the effects of education, i.e. obtaining qualifications. This makes our students desirable employees, and their competences raise the bar on the labor market. Our goal has always been to combine education with the labor market.
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Internships and apprenticeships with Entrepreneurs
  • Acquisition of EU funds
  • Subsidies for employees
  • Employment agency


Environmental protection and activities in the field of ecology:

Through its activities, Inventum has also specialized over the years in activities in the field of ecology. We operate very extensively in topics related to ecology, environmental protection and waste management and we follow our own guidelines:
  • Qualified staff
  • Training
  • Audits
  • Consulting
  • Acquisition of EU funds


Praca z osobami niepełnosprawnymi:

Inventum bardzo duży nacisk kładzie na współprace z osobami ze szczególnymi potrzebami, jako organizacja wspieramy wszelkie działania zapobiegające wykluczeniu osób niepełnosprawnych z rynku pracy:

  • Wykwalifikowana kadra
  • Szkolenia indywidualne w domach
  • Doradztwo
  • Pozyskiwanie funduszy UE
  • Finansowanie pracowników niepełnosprawnych


Availability :

Inventum is an entity accredited by the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy No. 11 as an Accessibility Certification Entity. As part of these activities, we offer:
  • Training for Accessibility Coordinators
  • Training in the field of Accessibility for Offices, Municipalities, Poviats, Universities and Schools
  • Availability Audits
  • Purchase of equipment for people with special needs


Organizer of camps/trips/colognes/professional visits:

Inventum is the best organizer of stays in Małopolska. In our offer, everyone can find something for themselves, and our trips are long remembered:
  • Rehabilitation stays
  • Rehabilitation and training stays
  • Integration stays
  • Integration and sports stays
  • Training and integration camps
  • Off-site training
  • Away workshops
  • Colonies and semi-camps
  • Camps
  • Vocational Visits